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Sustainably speaking –

Please join me on a sustainability journey over the next 12 months to take steps in becoming a thriving Sustainable Business.

If you are at the beginning of your sustainable journey, the prospect of where to start can be daunting. So much information, so much to do, when and where do I begin, and how do I do it without breaking the already fragile bank.

If you have been participating tactically or by random action, now is the time to regroup and focus on a lifelong strategy that will help keep it all in perspective.

If you are well on your way, this may just be a reminder of what you already know, and you will realize that there is always something to be learned and put into action.


Just start NOW, where ever you may be, commit to improve and to continue to improve. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Sure there are great milestones along the way; however the key here is to realize this is an ongoing process and within your commitment to improve comes your resolve to keep improving. Take that step.

Our sustainability promise goes something like this –
Sustainability Promise of 10% More than the year before.
We commit to a minimal improvement of 10% each year when it comes to Sustainable Business Practices. Our sustainable focus is in the area of “Triple Bottom Line,” also know as; People, Planet, and Profit.

Where ever you’re at, we applaud you for even thinking about moving in this direction. Now, TAKE ACTION! Don’t leave the site of setting this goal without writing down your commitment. Feel free to copy ours, just make it your own philosophy.

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