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Sustainability at Go Green 09 Conference in Portland Oregon

It was a great day to connect with fellow sustainability champions at Go Green 09, on Wednesday October 7, 2009 at the Gerding Theater.  With the great lineup of speakers, it was amazing for me to realize that some of the most important moments of the conference were with those I met in the lobby.  That’s the People side of people planet profit, eh? It was nice to be able to get in a plug for the Sustainable Catering Association as well. 

The kick off was interesting, with fellow Catering maven from Elephants Delicatessen Anne Weaver in the mix speaking up for small businesses and foodservice alike.  When asked what’s one of the most important Sustainable practices they participate in, weaver cited their composting efforts.  The volume their operations produce daily, makes for one heap of compost.  This left several in the audience thinking once again about the fact that Portland still does not have have it’s own composting facility.  One thing is for sure, the compost discussion is far from over.

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