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Crave's Summer Smoked Salmon Served

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Smoked Salmon

Crave's Summer Smoked Salmon


Smoked Salmon


1. Cut the fillet into large 1 pound chunks keeping the skin on.

2. Encase the salmon chunks in the dry cure. A big plastic tub works great, just make sure all the salmon is covered completly by the cure.

3. Let the salmon sit in the cure, refrigerated for 1 day, 1 ½ days for extra thick salmon.

4. Place on cooling racks and and air dry in a refrigerator, uncovered for one more day.

5. Hot Smoke your salmon with any type of smoking chip flavor you prefer for 1 ½ hours.

6. If the salmon is not cooked through after you pull it out of the smoker, fish cooking it in the oven.

7. Cool the salmon completely and then you are ready to eat your smoked salmon.

Serve and enjoy!

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