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Sangritai Cocktail

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Sangritai Cocktail

This isn’t a traditional “cocktail” recipe, because it doesn’t contain any alcohol – but if you’re picking up a bottle of tequila any time soon, you’ll want to remember this one! Sangrita is traditionally served as a palette cleanser or accompaniment to a quality tequila, enjoyed one sip at a time. And if you’re tequila isn’t high quality – it makes a great chaser!

Sangritai Recipe


* no need to break out the juicer – just pulse some onion in a food processor (or grate by hand), and filter it through a mesh strainer

** you can find Maggi seasoning where you find bouillon at your grocery store, or your local Asian market

*** look for these last two ingredients in the hot sauce or Hispanic food section of your grocery store. You’re even more likely to find it at your local Latin grocery, if you’re fortunate enough to have one in your neighborhood

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