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Fish Tacos

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Fish Taco Recipe

Fish Tacos

When it comes to tacos, fish tacos are in a league of their own. The iconic ingredients used to make a traditional fish taco create a combination you can’t help but crave – and ours are no exception! Try serving them at your next fiesta.



In a blender, combine all ingredients for the chipotle mayo, puree until smooth, and set aside.

Combine all ingredients for the slaw in a mixing bowl, and set aside.

In a shallow mixing bowl, combine all ingredients for the batter.

In a heavyweight pot, begin to heat vegetable oil to 350 degrees.

Season Cod liberally with salt and pepper. Coat all pieces in corn starch, ensuring all flesh is covered and there are no bare spots.

Next, dredge corn starch coated cod pieces in batter mixture, dipping once on each side. Immediately after dredging, carefully drop cod pieces into oil, frying for approximately 3-4 minutes, until the breading reaches a deep golden brown. Carefully remove with heat-resistant tongs and lay on paper towels to cool.

At this point, your slaw should have wilted slightly – don’t worry, this is a good thing! Just give it a quick toss to revive it.

Begin building your tacos by placing one to two fried cod pieces on each tortilla. Top with your citrus slaw, and finish with chipotle mayo.

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Fish Tacos

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