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Portland Monthly 5th Anniversary!

Congratulations to Portland Monthly, who is celebrating their 5th Anniversary! We treated them all to a fresh, hot lunch and champagne toast to let them know just how much Portland loves them.

Portland Monthly is a local news, culture, and lifestyle magazine. They’re hard working folks, they also produce local magazines Portland Spaces and Portland Bride & Groom.

On the menu was Toasted Crostini with Bruschetta Bread, fresh Diced Vegetables, perfectly baked Vegetarian Lasagna and Meat Lasagna, a very creamy Chicken Marsala, Artisan Rolls with Freshly Whipped Butter, and our delicious Tiramisu for dessert. Fresh Iced Tea and Strawberry Lemonade were served, and the champagne toast of course! Our food really made an impression with Mark’s home-grown tomatoes, Executive Chef David M. Fisher’s whipped butter, our fresh produce, and Strawberry Lemonade made from scratch.

Way to go
Portland Monthly, continue to inspire us to get out and explore the culturally and environmentally significant metropolis that we call home. Cheers!

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