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“Not So Formal, Far From Normal” Wedding Open House 1/22/11

While those industrial-sized bridal shows may have their place in a bride’s life, so does more intimate relationship-building wedding shows. In fact, we would argue the latter has MORE of a place in a planning bride’s life. What could be more fun than strolling through aisles of behind-the-scenes decor items in a large rental warehouse while sipping a cocktail and noshing on delicious bites of yumminess? This isn’t your traditional bridal event; this is one where you can chat with a small collection of wedding professionals, those who are at the show to get to know you and your vision, not to sell you something. It’s an event that blasts non-conventional music while you pick your path, one that leads to many delights and surprises rather than around a large circle like circus animals.  This is one that’s free. Yes, free without a set schedule. Enticed? Come see Crave Catering and all of our friends at the Peter Corvallis “Not So Formal, Far From Normal” Wedding Open House this Saturday the 22nd from 11 am to 4 pm. Click here for more details.

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