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We have been having such an incredible month! We have been busy getting ready for summer, gearing up for lots of great weddings, summer socials, and company picnics. Site visits, walk thrus, consultations, and tastings… oh my! Luckily we’ve been able to enjoy the great weather while it lasted, spend some time with the family and even get the garden growing.

Well, I had a very interesting time several weeks ago. We were catering the Rose Festival’s VIP party at the McCalls building for the official “Lighting of the Rose.” It was definitely a who’s who of city officials, corporate sponsors, and local philanthropists. We were so lucky to have Curtis Salgado play such a great event. The evening couldn’t be more perfect. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, well… it did.

By great chance of luck, I met our current Mayor Samuel Adams. I was happy to hear that he was enjoying the evening and our food…and that’s when I realized, I had been needing his help. I pointed out that the evening’s food was catered in my Toyota Prius Hybrid. Being such a champion of sustainability, he seemed to really like this. That’s when I asked for his help.

See, I had gotten a parking ticket for parking my VERY identifiable Crave Catering hybrid in a loading zone. When I went to fight it, I was told that the law stated that only trucks and vans could park in loading zones. Unless I purchased a $400 permit which would allow passenger vehicles, I would continue to get tickets! That’s where Sam comes in. I asked if this law could be changed to allow for alternative vehicles, seeing as Portland is the most sustainable city in the US. AND HE SAID YES!!!

It’s been a couple of weeks now and I have been so busy, I keep meaning to follow up and thank him. I can’t wait to see when it goes into action, as I have gotten a another ticket.

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