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Guest Writer for Portland Biz Connect e-zine

Sometime recently it dawned on me that as a Chef, I never really thought much about public speaking and writing.  I mean, I have had my share of soap boxes, and this blogging thing seems harmless enough, but writing articles and speaking to public utility companies about Sustainability was not something I had previously considered.  It’s been fun and interesting and a great process to grow and learn as well.

I had met Megan Doern from the Portland Business Alliance on an Alliance wine tour of  Portland Business Alliance on a wine tour to Sokol Blosser Winery.  During the bus ride we had chatted about the food, wine, the Alliance, and Sustainability.  Megan mentioned about the Aliiance e-zine titled Small Biz Connection.  She had said the August/September issue would feature agriculture and and sustainable farming.  Well… one thing let to another (and a few glasses of wine later) and the next thing I know, I am a writing an article for them!

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Orange Rule