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Every caterer knows that staying current on trends can be a full-time job, but one necessary to land those big events and remain in the forefront of the industry. This year’s trends are all about balance; shining the spotlight on adding variety and personalization to the menu and offering healthier food options—all while maintaining a level of sustainability. Read on to find out what catering trends are popping up around the Northwest.

As the growing concern for the environment takes precedence in everyday life, caterers are taking note. Clients are requesting caterers who embrace environmentally friendly practices, such as trading in disposable plates for reusable china. Portland-based Crave Catering puts green concerns into action by cutting waste. “We use bio-fuel delivery vehicles. Our fryer oil is actually converted into bio-diesel,” explains Mark Lopez, executive chef and owner. “If we all did this, we would create stronger local economies as well as help the environment.”
~ Lindsay Larin, Seven Tasty Trends

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