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Food Cart at your Wedding?

Imagine the feeling you had when you were a kid and the ice cream truck turned the corner on your street, jingling its tune as it approached your house with delicious, summer treats. What if you could introduce some of that nostalgia into your wedding day by featuring a food cart instead of a buffet? Your guests could saunter up to the truck and order off the designated menu. We think it’s a fun idea and perfectly fits this lovely town of Portland who has been smitten with food carts for several years. Imagine the cart decorated with your colors and possibly an image projected onto the side. There are a vast many of ideas you could do with a food cart. And go figure, we are one of the only Portland caterers in town who has one. Give us a call and inquire about it. We’d love to roll up to your wedding with a truck brimmed with mouthwatering cuisine inspired by a symphony of local ingredients; basically, treats for adults.

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