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Finding a Sustainable Caterer: What to Ask

When seeking bids from caterers, ask these questions (and thanks for checking out Crave’s answers):

Where does your catering company source its food?

Crave’s own farm now grows more than 20 varieties of our own fruits and vegetables plus five different herbs. We’ve also built relationships with local farmers, bakeries, and artisans to support the local community. You’ll taste the difference in every bite.

Does your catering company offer “bulk” beverages instead of “bottled”?

Crave does. We’ve come up with options to get away from using wasteful bottled waters and cans at events. We provide ceramic jugs or clear beverage containers for water, iced tea, and our fabulous lemonade featuring seasonal berries — plus glassware and ice!

Does your catering company participate in composting and recycling?

Crave has set up a complete recycling program at our headquarters. We recycle all paper, bottles, and cans including non-deposit containers. We compost all food scraps and un-usable food after your event. We convert all spent oil from our fryer into bio-diesel fuel. We plan menus that reduce food waste, and donate leftovers to homeless shelters. Plans are even in the works to raise our own pigs to further divert our food scraps from the waste stream.

Does your catering company provide re-usable wares instead of disposable?

Crave strives to create zero waste at any event, whether large or small. We own all of our platters, chaffing dishes, bowls, and silver tongs. We supply white china or melamine plates, and silver flatware, free of charge. Upon request, we provide compostable plates and cutlery, and 100% recycled napkins.

What green practices does the catering company use in their office or kitchen?

Crave’s entire facility runs on 100% renewable energy. We use 100% recycled paper (both sides). We compost in the kitchen during prep. We use green cleaning products. We consistently re-use or donate surplus of used equipment, office supplies, computers, and furniture. We even encourage our staff to use public transportation or carpool to work.

Do you see now why Crave Catering is your greenest choice?

Crave will make a great lasting impression on your guests — while minimizing our impression on the earth. We’re co-founders and proud members of the Sustainable Catering Association. We’ve earned the Portland RecycleWorks Award for doing more than the average company to be green and sustainable.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide more information. Please contact us here.

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