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Desserts! Who you callin’ cream puff?

cream puff with chocolate and almonds

Cream Puffs Drizzled with Chocolate and Topped with Roasted Almonds

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Keri Bursa, Pastry Chef Extraordinaire to the Crave Catering Team!  Keri comes from the world renowned Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, where she created symphonies of decadence all the while in sustainable elegance.  The Aria Hotel being only one of two LEED Certified Hotels in Las Vegas.  Be sure to check out what sort of seasonal offerings Keri is cooking up.  She joined the team back in September so many have enjoyed her down home Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread (that we grow ourselves!).  If you made it to Bravo! last October, you may have had her Freshly Made Carrot Cake Doughnut Holes with Orange Glaze and Walnut Sprinkles, or her Fig Tartlets topped with Crispy Bacon!  Mmmmmmmmmmm

Strip Loin from THE Portland catering company Crave

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