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Crave Catering’s Favorite Chocolate Truffles

Oh how these truffles at Missionary Chocolates are decadent. Your knees will shake and your eyes will water with joy as you savor each delightful bite. We could eat them all day, but probably shouldn’t. It’s really tough with the large variety of irresistible and incredible flavors they create: sweet raspberry, espresso, “Meyer Lemon Explosion” and so much more. In fact, one of our favorites is the salted caramel truffle. This isn’t your ordinary salt. Get this: it’s Madagascar and vanilla bean-infused sea salt. Now that is a salt to die for. And the caramel is simmered into the chocolate so it blends perfectly.

Now, for the cherry (or candied lemon peel) on top: these truffles are made with love right here in our Portland community, sourcing local and organic ingredients. AND, if it couldn’t get any better, they’re completely vegan-friendly, so pretty much everyone can enjoy these little pieces of heaven.

The next time you book an event with us, ask us about them. We’d be happy to source them for you and I’m sure your guests would be more than happy to savor them.

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