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Crave Catering & Pride Northwest

Crave’s got pride, yes we do. Crave’s got pride, how ’bout you?

Crave Catering will be selling fabulous food once again at Portland’s “Pride Northwest” festival along the waterfront. Our infamous fish tacos will be flying (or swimming) out the door along with our delicious Baja Bowls filled with ingredients like tender rice, savory beans, shredded lettuce, cheese and more. And if you have a cold beer in your hand, order some of our very cheesy nachos. They go down perfectly with a cold brew!

This festival is quite the colorful one. They graciously ask for a $7 donation at the door, which simply covers their cost to provide this gathering to the community, however they won’t turn anyone away, even our canine friends. It should be a sunny day filled with lots of rainbows, so be proud.

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