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Crave Catering on KOIN 6 Saturday the 17th 2010 at 9am!

Crave Catering will be discussing catering at private residences on the “Weddings Portland Style” segment this Saturday at 9 am on KOIN Local 6. Our very own Mark Lopez, the proud founder and owner, will be sharing our success stories and thoughts on how we allow the hostess to be the mostest and also a guest at her own party. If you’re throwing a party, it’s much more fun to get the house ready, pick the flowers, decorate and then enjoy each one of your guests as the event transpires. After a long day of entertaining, laughing and having a great time, it’s a downer to clean. We do all that for you so you can truly enjoy the day.

Check out the show and when you’re ready for your next party, give us a call!

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