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Crave Catering, Ecotrust & Wedding Season: Oh My

August means many things to us: fresh fruit and vegetables, bountiful gardens, sunshine, picnics, parks, live music and of course, wedding season! One of our favorite settings for a celebration of vows is on the rooftop of Ecotrust located in the Pearl District. It’s the perfect place to soak up some lovely rays of sunshine and toast to the bride and groom as you watch the sun slowly set and the lights of downtown shine through the night. The backdrop continues to change throughout the event like your own Broadway play.

We are preferred caterers at Ecotrust and it’s an idyllic marriage. Us: into sustainable, local ingredients and business practices. Them: proud owners of a LEED certified building, which means that they’ve successfully reduced their carbon imprint and re-used materials that would have been otherwise buried in our lovely Earth. It doesn’t hurt that they have an indoor/outdoor space which means the food can be kept out of the sun inside while the guests can enjoy the views outside.

We’re looking forward to being a part of many more lifetime memories this summer and next! Cheers.

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