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We’re going to Vegas, baby! The Crave team is headed to CaterSource, one of the world’s most extensive tradeshow and conference for the catering and special event industries. We’re especially excited, because our CFO (Chef/Farmer/Owner) Mark Lopez, has been asked to speak at a special seminar called “Sustainable Events: The New Normal.”

For 18 years, Crave has been proud to be at the frontlines of sustainable catering. We’re committed to a promise of “10% more than the year before,” which means we’re always doing everything we can to further close the loop between farm and fork.

This year at CaterSource, we’ll be talking a lot about biodynamic farming – a practice that takes advantage of the symbiotic relationships between the flora and fauna we raise on our farm. This can mean anything from crop rotation that balances different nutrients in the soil, to utilizing our chickens not just for egg production, but for fertilizer as well.

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These techniques have allowed us to keep our farm free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals since its inception. But it doesn’t stop there – sustainability is considered with everything we do, from the kind of paper we use in our office, to the fuel we use in our delivery trucks.

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If you’re looking to hire a sustainable caterer (the only caterer in the Pacific Northwest with their own farm), you know who to call!

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