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Sustainability is important to us

Sustainability has always been important to Crave – not just in regards to the environment, but in our community as well. That’s why we always donate any excess food from our events to the Portland Rescue Mission. We make regular donations every week, but this time of year, the donation process always seems a little more special!

It starts with loading up the truck with as much food as we can give. We do our best to turn around our donations within 24 hours, in order to maintain the quality and safety of donated food. Today, Service Manager Doug is loading up a menu featuring Manchamantel Enchiladas, Chiles Rellenos, Quinoa and Cactus Salad, and Chickpea and Tofu Picatta.

Mission Donation 2

Once we’ve arrived, we move quickly to get the food transferred as quickly as possible. Everyone at the Mission is always happy to see us, and there’s always a lot of helping hands! This time we’re being assisted by food services coordinator, Ted.

Mission Donation 3

Once the food is unloaded, it is weighed and brought to the kitchen. This week we donated over 300 pounds of food! This is enough to provide a hot meal for up to 250 people.

Mission Donation 4

Doug goes over the menu with Ted, along with resident and kitchen hand, Todd. The Mission often tries to use our donations the same day they are received, to ensure their guests get the best and freshest meal possible.

Mission Donation 5

Todd prepares some Brussels sprouts to help the menu go a little further. The Mission also receives regular donations from grocery stores in the area, as well as local businesses like Sizzle Pie and Bob’s Red Mill.

Mission Donation 6

The Mission’s dining room can only accommodate around 60 guests at a time, but this time of year they see up to 300 guests in a night. The Mission solves this with their guest care center, where guests can warm themselves while they wait for their meal.

Mission Donation 7

Volunteers help dish up plates for guests. If you’re interesting in volunteering for the Mission, click here. You can also help the Mission by donating goods you may already have at home. See what the Mission needs most by clicking here.

Mission Donation 8

All-in-all, a simple gesture can go a long way. Crave helps food that would otherwise end up in a landfill find its way to those that need it most. Want to get involved? Visit to see how you can help.

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