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Put your picnic on wheels

A food cart makes your company picnic a big hit. Crave Catering has two mobile carts in its fleet, and any menu you choose can be served from either one!

Have you thought about hosting a food cart at your company picnic? We can help! With two food carts at your disposal, and the unlimited resources of a seasoned catering company… whatever you dream, we can make it happen. The best part is, we’ll be preparing YOUR menu for YOUR company—everything from the food to the décor is customizable to your vision.

Check out some awesome shots of the food cart-themed picnic we recently hosted for Nike. And don’t forget to track down our taqueria cart, Dia de los Tacos, at Pride on June 13th! Be sure to check out our picnic menus too.


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Plating the Food Truck food

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