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Tomatoes from The Crave Family Farm

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Summer at the Crave Family Farm

It’s July and the Crave Family Farm is in full swing! There’s more to sustainable practices than just keeping our crops free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers!

carrots and squash

Left: Carrot greens reach record heights
Right: A wayward winter squash finds its home among a tomato plot

We’ve been bringing back kale and root vegetables by the bushel, and we can hardly wait for our most favorite crop to reach harvest: Tomatoes! What makes all this fresh produce even better is knowing we’ve grown them free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but that’s not the end of our sustainability practices.

beet and tomato

Left: Cylindra Beets are ready to pull
Right: The first of our tomatoes gain their trademark color

Our free-range chickens don’t just produce the best eggs you’ll ever have... they also help fertilize the soil and keep pests down. For this reason, we rotate our chicken habitat all over the property throughout the year. Chicken Rotation Day is always an exciting one, with the hens running all over the farm. We never really have to chase them down, though; they always migrate back to the comfort of their hen house at the end of the night.


With lots of space and sunshine, our hens are always healthy and happy

We don’t just rotate our chickens, either. We also rotate our crops. Different crops require different soil nutrients, and others help produce these nutrients naturally. For this reason, we plant our crops in different areas each season, to ensure every plant gets the nutrients it needs, and the soil remains rich.


Crimson clover at sunset

Some people see clovers as weeds, but not us! We intentionally plant Crimson Clover throughout a number of our plots. This lush ground cover doesn’t just produce pretty flowers—it helps keep out damaging weeds that would otherwise choke crops out. Not to mention it attracts loads of honey bees and kicks the pollination process into overdrive!

Kale and Clover

Left: a honeybee helps itself to Crimson Clover pollen
Right: A clover flower juts up amongst our kale crop

Stay tuned for more news from the Crave Family Farm, and of course: TOMATOES!


Rows of tomatillos against the sunset

chicken from THE Portland catering company Crave

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